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Find out how much organic traffic your website should be getting through our Traffic Projection Analysis

How is the Traffic Projection Calculated?

Our engineering team build a custom tool that uses your website’s data, your competitor’s keywords and a series of growth models to build out future scenarios for your website’s traffic. Here’s how it works… 

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Business As Usual

This predictive model utilizes one year of historical search performance data to generate a forecast for the upcoming 12 months. By leveraging this model, you can gain insights into your website's projected performance in the absence of any new SEO initiatives. This provides a valuable perspective to understand whether your website's organic visibility would benefit from additional SEO investment.


Improve Existing Keywords

The diagram is predicated on the concept that employing "traditional SEO" strategies will augment your existing keyword rankings by an estimated X% over the forthcoming year. When we refer to traditional SEO strategies, we're talking about methods such as on-page optimizations, link-building, and rectifying technical issues — this specifically excludes content creation. You can utilize this projected growth rate to apprehend how an SEO campaign could potentially influence your organic traffic in the year ahead.


New Keyword Growth

This growth rate is built using keywords currently owned by your competitors (where you have no visibility). These keywords could potentially be captured by creating additional content for your website around these keyword gaps. This growth rate can be used to understand the potential for your website’s growth.

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Total Addressable Market

The figure serves as a comprehensive illustration of the potential trajectory should you undertake an assertive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. This approach entails implementing "traditional SEO" techniques to optimize current keyword rankings, in addition to pursuing new keywords, which involves the creation of new content and webpages on your site. This would offer a holistically enhanced organic traffic influx. The projected growth rate, hence, encapsulates the full scope of your website's development potential.



Massive Gains in Traffic are Common After the Traffic Projection Analysis

All of the website’s below started with a traffic projection analysis. now they’re overflowing with new customers.

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+117% organic traffic growth for BiotiQuest

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why do we need to book a call?

Our lead projection analysis leverages a powerful blend of cutting-edge proprietary software and human expertise. It's a 50-50 approach that combines the precision of automation with the discernment of our seasoned professionals. To accurately tailor this analysis to your needs, we require additional details about your website, its historical performance, and your strategic objectives.

2. What Will We Cover On The Call?

The aim of our upcoming conversation is to gain a comprehensive overview of your historical and current digital initiatives. Gaining this insight will equip us with the necessary groundwork to conduct a thorough and accurate analysis of your digital strategy.

3. What Will I Receive After The Call?

Upon subscribing, you'll gain exclusive access to an insightful report astutely projecting the volume of traffic and leads your website is poised to attract over the forthcoming 12 months. This projection will be presented across three distinct scenarios, allowing you to plan strategically and maximize your opportunities for growth.

4. How accurate is the Traffic Projection Analysis?

Predicting exact website traffic figures is inherently challenging due to the dynamic nature of Google's algorithm, which undergoes daily modifications. However, it's crucial to remember that while our predictions may not be pin-point accurate, they are constructed upon a solid foundation of data analysis and mathematical modeling, thereby providing a credible estimate.


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