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Cut your SEO project from 12 months to just 12 weeks – with our revolutionary new SEO service approach!

Experienced SEO professionals and cutting-edge technology are unified for a process that can turn annual efforts into mere weeks. 

Say hello to unprecedented success by bidding farewell to long retainer projects!

Professional SEO services that​

don’t break the bank

No longer do you have to worry about throwing away money on unnecessary work, wasting time and resources trying to keep up with ever-changing industry expectations. Our professional SEO team of experts is here to help you make organic traffic goals a reality in record time.

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Our 4-sprint SEO service is essential in creating an effective custom SEO strategy

Our proprietary 4-step SEO service includes an SEO Strategy Sprint, Technical SEO Sprint, Content Marketing Sprint, and Link Building Sprint – all of which are essential in creating an effective custom SEO strategy to help you dominate search engine results.

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Technical SEO Sprint

First, we start with the Technical SEO sprint, where our team performs a deep technical SEO Audit of your website to find any issues that need to be fixed to ensure a solid technical optimization. We also perform a Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager setup audit and resolve any issues identified to track your SEO results accurately. Lastly, we optimize speed performance with an A+ GTMetrix performance score, and 90+ PageSpeed Insights Score, as well as clear all Web Core Vitals errors reported in your Google Search Console. The speed/performance optimization of your website will ensure efficient crawling and discovery of your web pages by search engine crawlers and provide the best user experience for your customers.

tehnical seo sprint
Sprint 02

SEO Strategy Sprint

Next up is the SEO Strategy Sprint, where we carry out detailed competitor analysis and research into your industry’s SERP market share so that we can reverse engineer what it takes for you to get on top of search engines. Then our comprehensive Website Quality Audit helps us identify technical roadblocks, low-quality content, underperforming pages, on-page optimization opportunities, and more.
Finally, we create a search engine optimization roadmap that puts all our thoughts and findings into one concise SEO plan.

Sprint 03

Content Marketing Sprint

The third step is the Content Sprint which requires us to dive deep into competitive research through keyword gaps analysis and competitor content architectures to inform and speed up the creation of a powerful content marketing strategy that will get you the best results. We also perform content topic ideation and build comprehensive content outlines that detail everything a page needs to rank well in your industry.

Sprint 04

Link Acquisition Sprint

Finally comes the Link Building Sprint (off-site SEO), which focuses on gaining recognition and links from trustworthy sources so that your site’s credibility increases in Google’s eyes. By carrying out Link Profile Analysis followed by Link Prospecting & Outreach as well as Tracking & Acquisition – we make sure that each link is meticulously tracked within your private client portal, and you only pay us if they’re live.

Unlock real growth potential through cost-effective SEO Sprints.

Say goodbye to your SEO retainer and hello to rapid success with Xprez Marketing’s revolutionary new approach: SEO Sprints. Our process combines the latest technology alongside experienced professionals, bringing a 12 month long project down into just12 weeks!

Stop throwing away money on work that you don’t need – join us at Xprez today for an accelerated journey towards smashing organic traffic goals.

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