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Time-saving and value maximizing marketing strategies

We help companies flourish by crafting strategies that convert potential customers to loyal patrons, optimizing their journey from target audience recognition through making decisions to sealing the deal. With expertise on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram platforms – we give your business the push it needs for growth!

Performance Marketing Agency

As a full service digital marketing and advertising agency, we offer you an all-in-one platform that revolves around performance, time-saving, and value maximization. With our comprehensive and effective marketing strategies, you will see visible results in no time.
Whether you want to enhance your visibility on social media platforms or increase your website traffic, our full service marketing agency caters to everything your brand needs. We know the web like the back of our hand!

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Results-Driven Online Marketing Agency

If you’re not getting results from your online marketing efforts, you’re not doing it right. Worry not; Xprez Marketing ™ can handle all your online marketing needs. Our primary motto is to give you RESULTS—whether your goal is website optimization, lead generation, or sales maximization.
Our strategies drive results. We have helped brands get noticed, talked about, loved, and shared on social media platforms. Our full service online marketing efforts have also helped businesses acquire and retain more clients. We have been around the block and know how to get you the results you need!

Search Engine & Digital Marketing Agency Services

We know how things work in the marketing world. Our online marketing services include everything a business expects from a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency. 

SEO Services
PPC Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Design
Content Marketing
Video Marketing
Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn & Facebook Advertising)
Google Ads Management Services

LinkedIn Advertising Services

An interesting fact: LinkedIn gives a 3x conversion rate than other ad platforms! This networking platform helps businesses generate more website reach, traffic, and leads—with an exceptionally high conversion rate. As a full service digital marketing and advertising agency, we will ensure you have a good return on investment and a better reputation in the online business world!

Xprez Marketing’s LinkedIn advertising services offer you the following:

First of all, our full service online marketing agency curates a custom ad strategy. Then, we analyze your brand’s progress, identify areas of improvement, and develop an ad strategy based on your goals. Whatever your business goal is, we are here to find the right type of ad to help you achieve quick results!

Once your LinkedIn ad strategy is developed, our team of experts prepares to launch the campaign. We develop the copy and structure of your ad content and publish it according to the content calendar. We make YOU the boss—your team can easily review and approve our campaign idea and launch it on LinkedIn!

Our full service marketing experts monitor your ad campaign’s progress regularly. Our advertising experts know the importance of cost-effectiveness, so we keep your advertising campaigns within the budget.

Optimization is the key to making your social media campaign successful. At Xprez Marketing ™, we keep tweaking your ad campaigns wherever the audience inclines. This will help you engage more and more people, generate more leads, and maximize the value of your content and time. We will keep an eye on every trend!

We will keep you updated with every aspect of your LinkedIn advertising campaigns. You will get reports, see results in real-time, and measure your overall marketing progress. 

If you need help understanding any part of the report, our experts will sit down with you and break down every variable for your better comprehension. You can ask any question and make changes in your ad campaigns just as you like.

Once your LinkedIn ad strategy is developed, our team of experts prepares to launch the campaign. We develop the copy and structure of your ad content and publish it according to the content calendar. We make YOU the boss—your team can easily review and approve our campaign idea and launch it on LinkedIn!


Advertising Services

Facebook advertising connects you with nearly 3 billion active users living across the globe. Our full-service digital marketing and advertising agency ensures that your brand voice reaches every corner of the world. We help you build a Facebook following, increase brand awareness, boost lead generation, and expand your customer base. Our revenue-driven efforts will earn you more and more money without any hassle!
At Xprez Marketing ™, you can benefit from all aspects of Facebook advertising services, including:

The first step is to set up a Facebook Advertising account if your business doesn’t have one. Our social media specialists develop an ad strategy based on your goals and choose the metrics accordingly. We also ensure detailed targeting, mobile-friendliness, user experience, and every aspect of a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Audience preferences keep changing, so your Facebook ads should be dynamic enough to be optimized anytime, anywhere. As a full service digital marketing and advertising agency, Xprez Marketing ™ realizes that. Our experts track the current consumer trends now and then and tweak the Facebook ads accordingly. This helps you stay relevant, likable, and desired in the market for a long time.

Our experts develop the content of your ad campaigns based on your brand message. We choose the right budget, publishing time, ad type, and other critical things per your business needs and marketing expectations. We won’t publish anything without your approval!

Keep an eye on your Facebook ad campaign’s progress! Xprez Marketing ™ provides a comprehensive report of your ad campaigns with an easy breakdown of every metric’s progress. We will also tell you how we filled the gaps in your marketing efforts and what we plan to do in the future. We consider you a part of our team!

Google Ads

Management Services

Does your website even exist if it doesn’t appear on the first search engine results page? Google Ads, or Google AdWords, is a popular marketing and advertising platform many businesses use to come at the top of Google’s search results pages. The platform works on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, includes bidding, and gives results based on the right use of keywords.
Our team of Google Ads management specialists takes all the hassle on their shoulders so that you focus on things that matter. Our services include:

We analyze your existing Google Ads campaigns, evaluate how they are performing, and identify the areas of improvement. Our auditing report will tell you how we can help you fill all loopholes!

Choosing the right type of ad for your marketing goals can be confusing. The good news: our experts can do the job for you! We analyze your business goals and curate ad campaigns accordingly. Whether search ads, display ads, or remarketing ads—we know what you need!

Content creation, weekly optimization, and conversion tracking—are just a few aspects of Google Ads management. As a full service digital marketing and advertising agency, we manage every part of your existing and new Google ad campaigns. We are the Google experts your business needs to reach the next level.

Every PPC campaign needs to be optimized through conversion tracking. We analyze the progress of your campaigns, make changes, and help you stay relevant for your target audiences.

Web Design

and SEO Services

Many companies struggle to rank well on the search engine. Xprez Marketing ™ helps businesses transform their online presence through an attractive and functional web design. Our SEO practices are well-versed according to the current Google algorithms, and we keep updating accordingly. 

With 20 years of experience in the industry, our full service digital marketing and advertising agency includes experienced veterans who can help you blast out toward your goals. Our full service web design agency offers the following:

We dig deeper into your existing website design and SEO practices to provide you with a deep analysis of your performance. Our full-detailed reports include every finding, expert’s recommendations, and opportunities that can improve your SEO performance.

We take care of your onsite and offsite SEO optimization. Our onsite services include optimizing your web pages, meta tags, titles, content, and the entire code structure according to the target keywords. For offsite SEO optimization, we help you develop domain authority by adding credible external inbound links to your content.

Digital Advertising


Digital advertising helps you attract the consumer’s attention and convert it into sales. More traffic, more conversions, more profits. With our full service digital advertising solutions, you can develop, manage, and optimize result-driven advertising campaigns for your business. We know the internet and are prepared to do all the heavy lifting for you!
Our digital advertising solutions include the following:

Google Ads

LinkedIn Ads
Facebook & IG Ads
Video Ads
Display Ads
Lead Generation Ads
Retargeting Ads
Shopping Ads


Digital Advertising

Xprez Marketing ™ is your one-stop shop for achieving success with B2B digital advertising. With our full service strategy, you can make a big impact on the market in no time at all! From increasing web visibility to increase revenue and more – we provide everything needed to attract other businesses and stand out from the crowd. Make sure that your performance stands tall against industry leaders by taking advantage of what Xprez has to offer today!

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What is an advertising budget?

An advertising budget is the amount of money a company sets aside to achieve its marketing and advertising goals. The budget can be flexible, depending on the company’s needs and objectives.

How do agencies charge their clients?

Marketing agencies charge their clients on an hourly basis. They fix an hourly price and calculate the total payable amount based on the number of working hours. The price is then charged to the clients when the job is completed.

What is the retainer fee for an advertising agency?

A retainer fee is the money a company pays a marketing agency every month for its services. A retainer agreement is signed between the business and the agency, which includes the monthly services the agency will offer.

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