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Marko Bravo

Marko Bravo is a highly experienced Digital Marketer & SEM expert with over a decade of success in the industry.

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With a wealth of experience under his belt, this web designer started off in the digital marketing industry back at dawn in 2000. Before Google’s major algorithm changes and social media poked its head up, he had already found success helping clients maximize their online presence for more business opportunities. His unique insight into how search engines have developed over time gives him an informed edge against those only with rookie knowledge in comparison to his long-standing expertise.

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With an impressive background in both digital marketing and higher education, his experience includes working with renowned companies such as Classic Hotels, Reuters, Mazda, Turbo Tax, and many more. He holds a degree in Business Management from San Diego State University with a specialty in Integrated Marketing Communications alongside an Associate’s Degree in Web Development – giving him the perfect combination of technical knowledge and business acumen to be successful!


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Marko is also revolutionizing the SEM world with his innovative, cost-efficient SEO Sprints, making it easier for businesses, startups, and MLEs to access high-quality services without breaking the bank. As the founder of Xprez Marketing, he can help you stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

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