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Victory Rehab Chiropractic Clinic, located in Naperville IL, is a trusted source for muscle and joint rehabilitation. Led by Dr. Tom Campbell and Dr. Chris Kessler, the Victory Rehab team has been providing quality patient-centered chiropractic care for over 7 years now and is regarded as one of the best chiropractic clinics in Naperville IL. The clinic offers superior healing enhancement, performance enhancement, health enhancement and sports injury prevention services to help patients get back on their feet quickly and safely.

Client Testimonial

“Exceptional! Our experience with Xperz Marketting has been absolutely amazing! They are very easy to communicate with in understanding what needs to be done. They completed the perfect SEO within the first shot. Very impressive experience.”

CEO - Victory Rehab Chiropractic Clinic

The Challenge was facing an uphill battle due to decreased traffic due to the page experience update – however, we redesigned the website, speed/performance optimized it, and fixed On-Page SEO. The site recovered traffic to pre-page experience update levels.

Business Impact

  • Increased Organic Search Sessions by 80%
  • Increased Page Views by 207%
  • Ranked #1 for top 5 keywords
  • Ranked for many high-value keywords within the top #10
  • PageSpeed Insights Scores 90+
  • Lighthouse Performance Scores 90+
  • GTMetrix Performance Score A

Our approach

Website Redesign

We identified the page experience update as the culprit for the traffic drop, so we redesigned the website on WordPress to have complete control over the website code and technology stack to optimize the site to meet web core vitals fully.


We reviewed and analyzed each web page to find opportunities to improve on-page SEO. In addition, we fixed all technical SEO issues and applied on-page SEO recommendations.

Content Strategy

We helped the client break through and gain exposure in the participative sports industry in Chicago with content targeting Runners and Golfers. was a Squarespace website that was losing organic traffic due to the page experience update.
VR before scaled

We redesign the website on WordPress with a focus on SEO. All technical SEO issues were fixed, the site speed and web core vitals were dramatically improved, and On-Page SEO was implemented on the most important pages.

VR After

New Website Look!

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Local SEO Optimized Landing Pages

  • Sales funnel
  • Lead generation
  • User-centered design
  • Highly responsive website
  • Fast & optimized
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Keyword Rankings

We observed sitewide keyword ranking gains after completing the optimizations.

Position tracking

Performance Scores






Best practices



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