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About Client

Since 2004, CPO Outlets has been a go-to destination for the U.S.’s top professionals and DIYers alike searching for tools & equipment online. With an expansive selection of high quality products at unbeatable prices, it’s no wonder why this retailer continues to satisfy customers who demand only the best in their work or projects!

Problem Statement

As an eCommerce website, cpoutlets.com’s primary goal is to drive qualified traffic that increments sales revenue. Considering the mobile traffic trend and Google fully migrating into a mobile-first index, website performance optimization was a priority. In addition, keyword research focused on user purchase intent has been carefully implemented, resulting in a considerable increase in eCommerce revenue.


• Increased organic search revenue by 22.3% (USD 2.2M) in 6 months.
• Increased Mobile organic search revenue by 19.11%

Our approach

Website Optimzation

Implemented several website performance optimization recommendations to improve page speed loading, resulting in increased mobile traffic sales revenue.

Keyword Research

Performed thorough keyword research considering purchase intent resulting in increased sale revenue.

Technical SEO

Crawling efficiency optimization tasks included excluding dynamic URLs that offered no value to users and potentially created duplicate content problems. Also, shopping engine filter optimization to guide Google-bot more efficiently while crawling cpooutlets.com

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Increased organic search revenue by 22.3% (USD 2.2M) in 6 months engagements

Mobile Optimization Results

Our expert website optimization has resulted in a dramatic boost across key performance indicators, with Mobile Sessions up 11.89%, Bounce Rate down 7.51% and Pages/Session skyrocketing 20.39%. Looking at the bottom line, Revenue from Organic Search skyrocketed 19.11% – all resulting in  a whopping 22.3% (USD 2.2M) increase in revenue! 

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